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The Junior Drummer Kit: Overview

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The Junior Drummer Kit is not intended to be a toy, but a learning tool for your child or student.

For Parents:   You do not have to be a professional music teacher to utilize this teaching method. The Junior Drummer Kit Instruction Book was developed with the music novice in mind. It provides an easy-to-learn introduction to basic snare drum technique and music fundamentals for the parent. The book then continues with guidance for the parent to teach their aspiring drummer the same information.

For Music Teachers:   Traditionally, students under the age of six have been considered too young to learn how to play drums. The reality is that children beginning at ages of four and five have developed the sufficient motor skills enabling them to hold drumsticks as well as the listening skills needed to absorb and follow instruction. They also have the ability to count in a steady sequence from 1 to 10. The music reading method developed for the Junior Drummer Kit includes specially designed drumsticks for smaller hands and also incorporates a specially developed color-coding system to help the young student with left and right hand recognition.



The Junior Drummer Kit includes:

Junior Drummer Kit Instruction BookOne Junior Drummer Kit Instruction Book   This is an easy-to-follow guide to understanding basic music concepts (music notation, timing) and snare drum techniques (holding sticks, where to hit the drum pad, for example). The book is designed to teach the instructor first, then continues with direction for the instructor about teaching this information to others.

One Junior Drummer Practice Pad   This Practice Pad is a portable learning tool that has more than one purpose. First, it illustrates a clear drumming target area for your student to drum. Second, it will quiet the sounds of repeated drumming. Third, when used as recommended, it will protect the intended drumming surface.

Six Drum-Along Rhythm Cards   This set of teaching cards introduces beginning drumming exercises developed in a logical, sequential order. The unique sticking notation design is color-
coordinated for use with the Junior Drummer Drumsticks.

One pair of Junior Drummer Drumsticks   These wooden drumsticks were developed for smaller hands. They are color-coded to coordinate with the Drum-Along Rhythm Cards' sticking notation; a tool to teach students left and right hand recognition. If your student has adult-sized hands, adult color-coded drumsticks are also available.



For additional products and accessories, including adult-sized drumsticks and Junior Drummer Drumsticks without color bands, please visit The Junior Drum Shop. A link for the drum shop is located at the top-left area of each web page.





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